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Optimizacija postupaka pripreme uzoraka zemljišta za kvantitativnu analizu policikličnih aromatičkih ugljovodonika primenom metode gasna hromatografija-masena spektrometrija


Nikolić, Jelena S. 1988-


Mitić, Violeta 1968-
Stankov-Jovanović, Vesna 1968-
Stojanović, Gordana 1960-
Petrović, Goran 1964-
Alagić, Slađana

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Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) are pollutants of great concern due to their toxicity. European Commission classified 16 compounds as priority pollutants based on their toxicity, carcinogen potential and occurrence. PAH analysis in soil is of great importance, but due to PAHs low concentrations and low selectivity of organic solvents is challenge. The aim of this dissertation was to optimize extraction (ultrasound, Soxhlet extraction and QuEChERS) and clean up techniques for the extraction of 16 priority PAHs from soil, followed by GC - MS analysis. The best results were obtained by QuEChERS technique using acetonitrile/water (1:2, v/v) as extraction solvent and diatomaceous earth as clean up sorbent. Recovery values varied between 81% for benzo[b]fluoranthene to 109% for benzo[a]pyrene. Proposed QuEChERS technique is accurate and precise, but also cheaper and simpler than other methods used for PAH extraction from soil. Optimized QuEChERS technique was applied for real soil samples analysis from urban area of Niš. The content of total PAHs varied from 0,346 48,678 mg kg-1. Multivariate statistical analysis enabled grouping of soil samples based on PAH and heavy metal concentrations and soil properties.

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Biografija sa bibliografijom: str. 219-226;Bibliografija: str. 195-215. Datum odbrane: 11.09.2018. Analytical chemistry

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