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Tipologija čitalaca u romanima Milorada Pavića u kontekstu savremenih teorija čitanja


Bojanić Ćirković, Mirjana, 1985-


Milosavljević Milić, Snežana 1966-
Delić, Jovan 1949-
Živković, Dušan 1980-

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Even though the figure of the active reader has been repeatedly emphasized as the foundation of romanesque poetics of Milorad Pavić, the review of scientific works on the literary creation of this writer points to the absence of a monograph which encompasses Pavić’s entire romanesque work from the point of view of contemporary reading theories. Consequently, scientific studies on Pavić’s works have paid insufficient attention to determining the types of readers of his novels and selecting criteria for their possible grouping. The aim of this dissertation is to determine the types of readers in Pavić’s novels, precisely describe their characteristics, functions as well as their systematization in the context of contemporary reading theories. Due to the complex nature of the problem itself and the description of readers in the novels of Milorad Pavić, it was necessary to take into account the literarytheoretical considerations of encoded readers in the diachrony, and then to see them through the modifications within the poetics of Milorad Pavić, both a writer and a scientist. Apart from the contextualization within contemporary literary theories, from its objectivistic, phenomenological, semiotic, receptionist, to psychoanalytical, rhetoric and cognitive orientations, the research also aims at determining unique concepts of readers promoted in Pavić’s novels. Considering the domain of the theory of literature, the research aims at the review and revision of existing conclusions on literary theories oriented towards the reader and their active role in constituting the meaning of a literary work. Furthermore, its aim is to expand this corpus with theoreticians from the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century who deal with the problem of reading and the role of the reader in a given process, as well as to classify them, which would include theoreticians whose works deal with the phenomenon of the reader’s reaction, using criteria such as the reader’s position (in or outside the text), the problem of constitution the meaning and the type of the reader paradigmatic for a given approach or a reading theoretician. According to the selected material and methodological frame, reading methods oriented towards phenomenology, semiotics, psychoanalysis, deconstruction, new rhetoric and cognitive aspect have been applied in the dissertation. By finding analogues between Pavić’s poetry and contemporary reading theories, as well as by modifying some theoretical settings in Pavić’s key, the research has formed a strong theoretical basis for considering Milorad Pavić a significant reading theoretician. A precise description of both the concepts of readers in Pavić’s novels and their roles has resulted in highlighting the typology based on the criteria for the classification of readers in the context of contemporary reading theories, and those characteristic of Pavić’s reading theory. By reaching the mentioned results, this research will primarily contribute to the scientific study of the romanesque work of Milorad Pavić. Moreover, by revising the classifications of contemporary reading theories and expanding this corpus with contemporary theoreticians, including Pavić, it will contribute to literarytheoretical studies of the reading process and thereby become a strong methodological frame for considering romanesque range of Serbian postmodernism.

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Napomene i bibliografske reference uz tekst;Bibliografija: list 422-434 Datum odbrane:14.05.2018. Literary theory,Serbian literature of the 20th century

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