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Metodologija tehno-ekonomske optimizacije poligeneracionih sistema zasnovanih na korišćenju obnovljivih izvora energije


Mančić, Marko V. 1983-


Živković, Dragoljub
Petrović, Milan 1959-
Vukić, Mića 1965-
Stefanović, Vidoje 1952-
Mitrović, Dejan

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Polygeneration systems transform available primary energy into different types of final energy. Many available technologies for utilization of fossil and renewable energy sources (RES) for decentralized energy production imply the problem of optimal polygeneration technology.In this paper, a methodology for techno-economic optimisation of configuration and capacity of polygeneration systems based on RES is presented, based on research results. The methodology is tested on two real objects: an indoor swimming pool building and a livestock farm. Physical and mathematical models of dynamic behaviour of demand and supply of final energy of real objects and cost function of polygeneration systems are created for testing optimization methods. Validation is done by real object measurements, while mathematical and optimization models are solved numerically using TRNSYS and Genopt software. GenOpt algorytms were tested during optimisation of real object problems, and the best algorytm for optimisation of polygeneration systems was determined. Based on research results, a general methodology for technoeconomic optimization of polygeneration systems based on RES is defined for choosing technology, configuration and capacity of the system.

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Bibliografija: listovi 207-225 Datum odbrane: 29.03.2018. Thermoenergetics, thermotechnique and process engineering

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