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Analiza performansi armiranobetonskih zidova pri seizmičkim dejstvima


Petronijević, Predrag M. 1981-


Folić, Radomir 1940-
Lađinović, Đorđe 1956-
Mijalković, Marina
Mladenović, Biljana
Zlatkov, Dragan

Description (eng)

This dissertation contains analysis of reinforced concrete (RC) walls performance under seismic loading. Limit states, ductility and energy indicators of RC walls behavior are examined, along with their failure mechanisms. Sources of theoretical and experimental research of RC walls behavior under static load and load that simulates seismic action are thoroughly and critically examined. Proposal of a nonlinear mathematical model of RC walls behavior under cyclic load was provided, as well as a simplified model suitable for practical analysis Results of analysis are verified by the available experimental research. Nonlinear numerical models of RC walls are used in this study for simulation of seismic action impact on the multi-storey buildings in dual structural systems. Using adequate (here developed or modified) numerical model provides information about the parameters required for proper behavior of RC walls in concrete structures. Based on the proposed model, building structures of various layouts, heights and arrangement of RC walls were analyzed. The analysis was performed using nonlinear methods: static nonlinear (push-over) method and dynamic method which integrates motion equation (time-history method). Storey drift, maximum inter-storey drift and acceleration of ceilings are comparatively analyzed, as criteria for assessment of seismic performances, due to their direct influence on the damage of structural and nonstructural elements.

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