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Mehaničko ponašanje spregnutih konstrukcija tipa drvo-beton


Cvetković, Radovan R. 1967-


Stojić, Dragoslav
Stevanović, Boško 1954-
Kukaras, Danijel 1971-
Kočetov-Mišulić, Tatjana 1962-
Ranković, Slobodan

Description (eng)

The subject of the scientific research are composite structures type timber-concrete with the special attention to the mechanical beha-viour, of both, composite system as a whole and all the containing elements: concrete plate, timber beam and adequate connecting sys-tems. The essence of the work is in the comparative analytical-nume-rical-experimental analysis of two series of composite beams of the timber-concrete type by different connecting systems. The conclu-sions have been formed on the base of the experimental testing of beams up to the collapse in the adequate laboratory conditions, nu-merical modelling using the software ABAQUS and analytical nu-merical method according to the postulates of the theory of elasticity, defined in Annex B, Eurocode 5. Besides testing the beams according to static loading bending to the collapse, the work provides the data about the huge correlated research in order to determine mechanical constants of the adequate strength and stiffnesses, as well as the physical characteristics of the used timber and concrete material for making experimental samples. The special attention has been dedica-ted to determining the sliping parameters of connecting systems which were used while making composite beams. All the experiments have been carried out in accordance with the modern procedures contained in the suitable codes.

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