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Taktike i pristup u self-prezentaciji i osobine ličnosti


Belić, Milena 1985-


Hedrih, Vladimir 1977-
Stojiljković, Snežana 1954-
Zlatanović, Ljubiša 1958-
Smederevac, Snežana 1966-

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The main aim of this research is related to checking if, in what way and in what a degree, the approach of self-presentation is related to tactics of self-presentation, a person’s characteristics and life aims. A special part of this aim is checking whether there are the same ones in the study of Sadler and his associates, on relations between wide dimensions of a personality and tactics of self-presentation. For confirmation of a size difference of a “real” and “personality shown to other people”, it has been formed a variable that represents operationalization of an approach of self-presentation. The examinees have had for their task for the questionnaire of personality Big+ 2 that is dedicated to evaluation of seven wide dimensions of a personality, to fill with a double instruction, thus the examinees replied to each item of the questionnaire twice, and the first time they have been led by the instruction “such as I really am”, and the second time “such as I present myself to other people”. Тhe tendency and frequency of using certain tactics of self-presentation, and for this purpose we have used The Scale-Tactics of Self-Presentation, that operationalize 12 tactics of self-presentation: the usage of excuses, seeking for justification, denying responsibility, self-handicapping, apologising, gaining sympathy, intimidation, begging, overtaking of one’s credits, enlarging of own accomplishments, sabotaging and giving of a personal example. As the third instrument, it has been used Aspirations Index – AI, devoted to evaluation of seven different aspirations, divided into two categories: intrinsic and extrinsic aspirations. The consistent relations have been found between a personality characteristics and approach and tactics in selfpresentation. To a high degree, the results of the study of Sadler and his associates have been confirmed. Generally, the experienced discrepancy between real and presented I, especially with characteristics of a personality, is connected to the tendency of experiencing negative feelings, social anxiety, multiplicity and negative evaluation of oneself and one’s abilities. Neuroticism, negative image on oneself and extrinsic aspirations have been separated as the most significant predicators of a general tendency to using tactics of self-presentation. It is made good structural model fitting index, which brings together research variables.

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Prilozi: listovi 185-191; Datum odbrane: 06.10.2017. Psychology of personality

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