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Holomorfno projektivna preslikavanja generalisanih hiperboličkih Kelerovih prostora i uopštenja


Petrović, Miloš Z. 1989-


Stanković, Mića 1965-
Stanimirović, Predrag 1959-
Velimirović, Ljubica 1955-
Rakić, Zoran
Zlatanović, Milan 1984-

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The thesis deals with manifolds with non-symmetric linear connection, analyzes the properties of such manifolds with respect to various mappings, but also discovers new manifolds endowed with additional structures and examines their properties. In such manner the thesis represents a continuation of investigation on manifolds with non-symmetric linear connection. Also, the thesis is a continuation of investigation in the field of the mappings of manifolds with non-symmetric linear connection, as well as infinitesimal deformations of such manifolds. Particularly, generalized hyperbolic Kahler spaces are defined as special generalized Riemannian spaces and holomorphically projective mappings between such spaces are considered. Manifolds with non-symmetric linear connection admits five linearly independent curvature tensors. By using these curvature tensors it is possible to consider geometric objects of manifolds with non-symmetric linear connection which are invariant with respect to various mappings.

Description (srp)

Spisak naučnih radova autora: list 108Biografija: list 107Lista imena: list 106. Datum odbrane: 03.10.2017. Differential geometry

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