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Uticaj globalne finansijske krize na kreditni rizik bankarskog sistema


Brničanin, Edisa M. 1983-


Đorđević, Marina
Krstić, Borko
Živković, Aleksandar

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Globalisation and instability of a financial market, and also a higher competitiveness among banks, demand from banks introduction of innovations in their business, and in their management, either. The transition period brings a new business philosophy and a new approach in solving business issues in banks, and also a business risk estimation, prior to entering into certain business and financial ventures. The risks a bank faces with are inevitable and they must be estimated, controlled and financially neutralised, so as not to jeopardise a banking system. One of the most significant business risks of a banking system is a credit risk, where a special emphasise has been on. It expresses a permanent or a temporary inability of debtors to fulfil their obligations within a contract deadline, or they are partially fulfilled within it. It is not an issue how to avoid risks, but hot to manage them, with the primary aim of minimising their influence onto business activity. The subject of this paper is to analyze the impact of the global financial crisis on the creation and expansion of the credit risk in the banking system. This paper analyzes the different views and methods in addressing the credit risk of the banking system in the conditions of financial crisis. Banking crisis or a state of widespread insolvency of banks that takes on the characteristics of the epidemic, threatens a general collapse of the banking and financial system, which has caused by credit risk, can be mitigated or eliminated with the process of change in the very structure of banks' capital. There is no single model for solving the problem of credit risk in the banking system, which can be applied to national economies, but anyhow banking crisis should be approached separately from the previous one, with respect to economic, social, political specificities of the country where the crisis originaly become.

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Bibliografija autora: list 246 Datum odbrane: 20.05.2017. Financial theory and policy

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