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Proučavanje energetske efikasnosti solarnih modula u zavisnosti od njihove geografske orjentacije, ugla nagiba i njihove temperature u realnim klimatskim uslovima u Nišu


Pantić-Ranđelović, Lana S.


Pavlović, Tomislav M. 1949-
Radović, Miodrag 1952-
Popović, Biljana 1954-
Mirjanić, Dragoljub
Šetrajčić, Jovan

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The doctoral dissertation presents basic information on the Sun and the solar radiation, photovoltaic conversion of solar radiation, solar cells, temperature and output parameters of the solar modules and PVGIS-CMSAF program. In addition, dissertation presents the results of theoretical and experimental calculation of the amount of electrical energy generated by differently oriented solar modules in Nis and their energy efficiency. Special attention was paid to the results of simultaneous measurements of the climatic parameters, the solar modules temperature and the electrical parameters of differently oriented solar modules for 12 sunny days in the period from 2014 - 2016. At the end of the dissertation examples of practical applications of differently oriented integrated PV systems for electricity generation at a family home and ten-story residential building in Nis and estimation of CO2 emission reduction by using differently oriented integrated PV systems on residential buildings in Nis are given.

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