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Kreiranje i razvijanje sistema mera performansi aktivnosti i procesa preduzeća u lancu snabdevanja


Cvetković, Miodrag


Novićević, Blagoje
Jablan Stefanović, Radmila
Stevanović, Tatjana

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The basic characteristic of the modern business environment is dynamic changes in business conditions. In these new conditions have changed the way of competition, the way of business organization and management. Modern business context inevitably leads every company that wants to succeed at linking with other companies. Competition is no longer isolated place between companies, but between their supply chains. Supply chain to efficiently connect all phases and aspects of the process with the demand. In this sense, the performance management activities and processes of the supply chain is a key component of achieving competitive strategies of companies in the supply chain. In the process organization activities are organized around the process flow, regardless of functional origin, creating value for internal and external customers in the supply chain. In the modern organization of enterprises are turning on their core competencies, leaving all other activities of others, while connecting with other companies and their complementary skills. This process creates an integrated supply chain and enhances the value chain of the supply chain. Key management activities in the supply chain are joint planning, coordination of activities and processes of the supply chain and control, and the most important operational performance measures related to cost reduction, product quality and process flexibility to the demand and shortening cycle times. For directing and improving the activities and processes of the supply chain used by numerous models, methods and techniques for monitoring and control activities and processes necessary to create a system of performance activities and processes. The system measures must be balanced on several grounds, primarily to contain both quantitative and qualitative performance measures. It must also include measures and operational performance, as well as financial performance measures, and measures of risk in the supply chain, especially specific. Strategic measures performance in the supply chain are summarized for the entire supply chain. These include: customer service, internal efficiency, flexibility to the demand and product development. Of particular importance to the supply chain is building a developed information system. Businesses in Serbia should seek to establish business relations and build partnerships with these manufacturers and systems, and to become part of or participant in some of the supply chain. This implies the acceptance of international standards of business, identify performance measures relevant to the activities and processes of supply chain participants world-class manufacturers and accepted ways of managing team performance.

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