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Uticaj transporta i skladištenja gasa na snabdevenost tržišta Balkana


Radiš, Dragan L.


Barac, Nada 1952-
Ćuzović, Sreten
Lovreta, Stipe

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With the development of world economy and growing population as well, demand for energy in the world has a constant growth. Gases as the industrial product have a significant market position. All commercial gases, which are sold in the world market, can be conditionally divided into three parts: 1 natural (natural (methane)) gas, 2 industrial (technical) gas and 3 petroleum gases. Marketing logistics is modern concept for the distribution process and have significant role in the latest developments of the trade economy. Also, important part in the distribution of gas is transportation and storage. Depending on specific gas and his aggregate state possibility for his transport and storage (in all three states) exist. Nowadays, a significant role in the global energy market holds natural gas (methane), with a trend of growing and important position on the basis of their available reserves. So far, the most common form of methane transport to the consumer in the territory of the Balkans was through a pipeline in gaseous state. This article shows the the new potential strategies for supplying natural gas to the Balkan countries, market of the Balkan region and Central Europe. By using one of these strategies, the countries could be in the better possition in regards to use of natural gas as a source of energy. The new means of transportation of natural gas in compressed liquid and solid states by boats are presented as well as the possibilities of supplying the consumers with the natural gas by pipeline from the regions which did not supply the natural gas before. Therefore transport and storage of methane in the liquid state (at a temperature of-160C) reduces the volume of the active area 600 times as highly contributes to greater efficiency and better supply and distribution marketing logistics in the market. A new approach to the storage of methane provides a safer, more reliable, more efficient and cheaper supply the consumer with this fuel. This concept offers the possibility of supplying methane Balkan countries from different countries, regions and the delivery of other continents. This paper present some new approaches, that provide opportunities to appropriate ways: production, storage and consumption of carbon-dioxide in the world, all contribute to the overall reduction of pollution, the greenhouse effect and global warming.

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