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Istraživanje deformacionih karakteristika netkanih geotekstilnih materijala od poliestarskih i polipropilenskih vlakana


Đorđić, Dragan M. 1982-


Stepanović, Jovan
Trajković, Dušan
Stojiljković, Dragan
Koleta, Zafirova
Petrović, Vasilije

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Biografija autora: str. 198 Datum odbrane: 13.01.2017. Textile technology

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In order to provide more efficient production and use of geotextile materials, their structural and mechanical properties, and then elastic limits of geotextile were defined, and a rheological model which can be used for the prediction of the behavior of geotextiles during exploitation was developed. Based on the obtained results, the limits of the elastic deformation of needled geotextile materials which define the permitted load that geotextile materials can be subjected to without disturbing their structure were determined. Also, the interconnectivity of parameters of the limit of elastic deformations with the parameters on the breaking limit of geotextile materials was analyzed. The elongation of geotextile made from regular polyester, recycled polyester and polypropylene fibers is described by differential equations that are based on mechanical models. Rheological model will contribute to the development of the methods for the prediction of mechanical properties of needled geotextile materials according to their use. In this way the technical preparation of the production is simplified and improved, and the conditions for the exclusion of the test series are fulfilled, which contributes to energy and raw materials savings.

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