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Socijalno-ekološka bezbednost, održivi razvoj i kvalitet života


Ilić Krstić, Ivana Lj. 1981-


Miltojević, Vesna 1960-
Milutinović, Slobodan
Đorđević, Dragoljub
Petrović, Jasmina
Ilić Petković, Aleksandra

Description (eng)

Human society in the 21st century has exposed many problems, such as poverty, exploitation and pollution of the environment, economic and political conflicts, religious intolerance, which leads to a reduction of each type of sаfety of all people on the planet Earth. Therefore, the modern world is faced with the need for a global, shared responsibility for development in accordance with the needs of people, nature and the understanding that the planet Earth must be preserved for present and for future generations of people in an acceptable manner. Socio-ecological safety and quality of life of every individual is a key element in achieving a new direction in social development, which is reflected in the acceptance of the idea of sustainability in the field of environmental protection, economic and social spheres. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the socio-ecological safety of each individual, in order to achieve a higher quality of life and thus enable the implementation of sustainable development in all segments of society. The theoretical part of the Doctoral Dissertaion, suggesting a connection between the socio-ecological safety, sustainable development and quality of life. The empirical part of the Doctoral Dissertaion is to identify the attitudes of respondents border municipalities Babušnica and Majdanpek, about their socio-ecological safety, quality of life and the possibilities of achieving sustainable development in their municipalities of residence.

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