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Analiza primene samonarezujuće antirotacione fiksacije u hirurškom tretmanu preloma vrata butne kosti


Kostić, Igor M. 1972-


Mitković, Milorad
Golubovič, Zoran
Ristić, Branko

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The subject of our scientific research is analysis of the use of self-tapping аntirotation screw fixation in surgical treatment of femoral neck fracture. The main objective of this study was to estimate the effectiveness of the internal fixation of femoral neck fracture fixation self-tapping antirotation screw fixation (SAF method) in relation to the other surgical implants (free cancellous screws thickness of 6.5/7,3 mm, dynamic compression plate with or without derotation screw), and to assess the efficacy of SAF methods in relation to the clinical characteristics of a fracture in a group of patients who are surgically treated with self-tapping antirotation screws. The research results indicate that the duration of the surgery statistically significantly shorter in the group of patients in which the SAF method made in relation to the group which were applied other implants. It was found that dynamization of the implant (higher or equal to 10 mm), significantly was higher in patients treated with other surgical implants, and that the tip apex distance and VAS significantly were higher in patients who were treated with other surgical methods as compared to patients in which was performed SAF method of fixation. By analyzing the results obtained during the two-year follow-up of patients in our reaserch study, showed statistically significant difference in the incidence of aseptic necrosis, as a late complications of surgical treatment of femoral neck fractures, among the examined groups of patients. The incidence of aseptic necrosis of the femoral head was significantly more frequent in the group of patients operated by other surgical implants.Based on the results obtained in our series, it can be concluded that the method of self-tapping antirotation screw fixation (SAF method) has a reasonable clinical use compared to other implants, and can be considered as reliable method of internal fixation nondislocated and dislocated femoral neck fractures.

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Beleška o autoru: list 140 Datum odbrane: 13.05.2016. Surgery, orthopedics and traumatology

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