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Analiza parametara drapiranja u zavisnosti od strukture i konstrukcije tkanih tekstilnih materijala


Šarac, Tatjana I. 1983-


Stepanović, Jovan 1964-

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Fabric drape can be defined as a phenomenon of forming folds when the fabric is put under pressure of its own mass, but without the influence of external forces. The drape ability of material has a direct influence on appearance and functionality of the garment. Recent findings in this field indicate that researchers have mostly been defining the phenomenon of draping on the basis of the mechanical characteristics of textiles. However, in order to optimize the production process of woven materials it is necessary to properly provide for their structural and constructional characteristics. Consequently, the draping is defined depending on the parameters of the structure and the construction of woven textile materials. A special attention is focused on the analysis of the impact of the density of threads, linear density of threads, crimp of warp and weft threads and fabric structure on fabric drape. The new model will contribute to the development of methods for woven textile materials drape prediction

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