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Efekti dodatnog treninga snage na rezultat u plivanju


Pešić, Milan Z. 1978-


Okičić, Tomislav
Madić, Dejan
Kostić, Radmila
Bojić, Ivana
Dopsaj, Milivoj

Description (eng)

The objective of this study was to determine the effects of dry-land strength training on changes in muscle strength and power, swimming specific motor abilities, and swimming results in young swimmers. The participant sample comprised 60 swimmers aged 10-12 and 13-14 years, divided into two experimental and two control groups. Measures included 11 variables for strength and power assessment, 16 variables for the assessment of specific motor abilities, and 2 for assessing results in 100m crawl and breaststroke disciplines. The duration of the experimental training program was 12 weeks. Compared with the controls, the experimental groups had additional dry-land strength training for large muscle groups of the whole body. Following the application of the experimental program, statistically significant effects were identified in terms of enhanced leg muscle explosive strength, start speed up to 10m, swimming velocity at 10m, and turn length for breaststroke in swimmers aged 10-12. With swimmers aged 13-14 years, there was improvement in leg extensor muscle absolute strength, stroke efficiency, and swimming speed at 100m crawl. Regarding mutual correlation and influence, the greatest influence on the results obtained came from: arm and shoulder endurance in strength, arm and shoulder belt explosive and absolute strength, abdominal muscles endurance in strength, abdominal muscles endurance in strength, leg and back extensor muscle absolute and relative strength. Based on the total analysis, it is concluded that the applied experimental program should be modified in further training process by increasing the training load (intensity and range) with the aim of achieving greater training effects which would in turn transform and improve swimming results in swimmers aged 10-12 and 13-14 years.

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