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Unutarsezonske varijacije određenih motoričkih i fizioloških parametara kod rukometaša


Pavlović, Ljubomir


Radovanović, Dragan
Bojić, Ivana 1976-
Berić, Dragana 1967-
Valdevit, Zoran 1972-

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The aim of the research was to determine the variations of motor and physiological parameters in experienced and previously well trained male handball players within an entire season. The research was conducted on 14 male handball players, members of ―Red Star‖ male handball club from Belgrade, the participant of the ―Super Handball League‖ of Serbia during the 2014/2015 season. The measurements were taken four times during the season. The analysis of the obtained results showed that there were statistically significant variations in certain motor and physiological parameters within the entire season. A significant decrease in explosive power and the overall anaerobe work can be pointed out as negative characteristics on one hand, whereas on the other hand, an increase of cardiorespiratory endurance of handball players can be pointed out as a positive characteristic. Apart from that, low values of the maximum muscular power and cardiorespiratory endurance at the beginning of the competition season point to an insufficient work during the preparation period.

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Biografija: list 98 Datum odbrane: 17.09.2015. Academic Discipline in Physical Education and Sport

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