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Hemometrijska analiza rezultata hemijskih i bioloških istraživanja farmakološki značajnih biljaka : doktorska disertacija


Ilić, Budimir S., 1982.


Miladinović, Dragoljub L. 1960-
Stankov-Jovanović, Vesna 1968-
Nikolić, Nikola 1958-
Mihajlov-Krstev, Tatjana

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Plants synthesize primary and secondary metabolites from simple molecules, among wich inorganic compounds are of great importance. Examining the extractability and solubility of the soil elements helps us explicate the mechanism of their adsorption by plants. Besides primary and secondary metabolites, witch were proven to have healing properties, plants are a source of necessary elements wich are on a biochemical level important for optimal functioning of the human body. Taking into regard the bacterial resistance towards synthetic antibiotics, in the past few decades, it is necessary to systematically search for new antibacterial agents, and essential oils are potentially the most abundant reservoir of natural antibiotics. The development of new methods based on a combined interaction of synthetic and natural antibiotics can help us solve the issue of bacterial resistance. A number of scientific researches, wich have been conducted in the past few years, have focused on analyzing the experimental results using chemometric methods. Depending on the angle from witch the problem is approached; i.e. depending on the chosen variables, the chemometric method and the interpretation of correlations can be applied to experimental system, in order to determine its connections, similarities and differences. Recently, chemometric methods have started being used for ecosystem analysis, in order to determine the distribution and accumulation of specific minerals in the soil and plants. The dependance of chemical structures in natural and syntethic antibiotics and their pharmacological activities has also been a subject of intensive research.

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Umnoženo za odbranu. Univerzitet u Nišu, Prirodno-matematički fakultet, Departman za hemiju, 2014. Bibliografija: listovi 172-192. Medicinal chemistry null

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