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Razvoj i upravljanje inteligentnog sistema veze između fizički povezanih robota


Pavlović, Vukašin D., 1986-


Simonović, Miloš, 1973-
Milošević, Miloš, 1984-
Banić, Milan, 1978-
Cvetković, Aleksandra, 1975-
Stankovski, Stevan, 1962-

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Digital technologies and services offer new opportunities for the transformation of various sectors. In the years to come, one of the key sectors that will experience a revolution is the food production sector. The application of digital technologies should contribute to solving the global problem of food production. One of the innovations in this area is focused on the application of robots and robotic systems, by joining robots in a swarm to perform a complex task together.The subject of the doctoral dissertation is the development and control of an intelligent connection system between physically connected robots. The system consists of four robots physically connected by polywires that form a fence. For the purpose of maintaining a certain polywire tension force, a polywire tensioning subsystem was developed as well as control based on artificial intelligence. Application of the subsystem developed in this way is one of the prerequisites that enables the formation control of the entire system. The work of the developed subsystem was tested in various field experiments through real scenarios and its applicability was proven.

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Biografija autora: list 123Bibliografija: list. 113-122 Datum odbrane: 25.09.2023. Mechatronics

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