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Istraživanje uticaja oštećenja i pouzdanost direktno zavarenih veza elemenata rešetkastih nosača od šupljih čeličnih profila


Milošević, Marko, 1987-


Stojić, Dragoslav, 1952-
Živković, Srđan 1972-
Tarić, Mirsad 1959-
Milčić, Dragan 1958-

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Damage of steel profiles affects the performance of steel constructions, which may lead to the damage of other structural and non-structural parts of the building and compromise the functioning and safety of the structure. Knowledge of the steel structure damage processes and mechanisms is important for the durability of steel structures. This paper presents the numerical and experimental analyses of type “Y” joint behavior of truss beams in plane loaded by an axial force, with a special accent on the damage effects, as well as reliability analysis of the directly welded connections with damage.

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Biografija autora: list [171].Bibligrafija: list. 156-163. Datum odbrane: 18.12.2023. Metal Constructions

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