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Refleksivna praksa i digitalna kompententnost nastavnika


Milanović, Aleksandra,


Maksimović, Jelena, 1977-
Matejević, Marina
Novković Cvetković, Biljana
Stojanović, Biljana
Petrović, Jelena

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The main idea and at the same time the objective of this research is to examine the connection between reflective practice and digital competence of teachers. Since we are talking about correlation between two important segments of teachers’ work, the reflective practice in teaching was investigated first, followed by the analysis of the digital competence of teachers. In the paper, a theoretical analysis was performed and the most significant definitions of these two segments of the teachers’ work were presented. The methodological segment of the research has identified the problem, subject, goal, objectives, hypotheses and variables. For the purposes of the research, two Likert-type assessment scales were designed, and these were used when carrying out the research in the field. The research sample consisted of primary and secondary school teachers in the Jablanica and Pčinja districts, while the research was carried out from September 2021 to April 2022, when it was concluded and 1517 completely filled out questionnaires were collected.The empirical segment of the paper first presents the results of the teachers’ reflective practice. These have shown that teachers are aware of the importance and benefits of reflective practice in the classroom, but that additional support and help to teachers in this field of theirwork should be considered. When it comes to the digital competence of teachers, age and years of service stand out as the most significant independent variables. The results show a more positive attitudes in younger teachers, and therefore teachers with fewer years of experience, regarding the use of digital technology for teaching purposes. It has also been shown that younger teachers have mastered digital competences, as well as that a certain group of teachers needs additional help and support when it comes to the use of digital technology for teaching purposes. Finally, the correlation between reflective practice and digital competence of teachers was examined, which has led us to the knowledge that there is a strong correlation between them. After the results were obtained, an overview of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis) arising during the research and after analyzing the findings was made. The last section of the paper shows the conclusion and pedagogical implications based on the theoretical and empirical part of the research.It is particularly important to emphasize that so far no research has been carried out that examines the correlation between reflective practice and the digital competence of teachers, which is one of the contributions of this research paper. In the meantime, the Covid-19 pandemic contributed to the justification and topicality of this research topic, as well as the introduction of the Digital World subject in primary education, in its first cycle.

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Biografija autora: str. 301Bibliografija: str.. 229-264 Datum odbrane: 14.7.2023. Education for reflective practice, Educational Technology

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