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Istraživanje deformacionih karakteristika teksturiranji multifilamentnih poliesterskih pređa


Stepanović, Jovana


Trajković, Dušan, 1970-
Ćirković, Nenad, 1965-
Petrović, Vasilije, 1962-
Jordeva, Sonja, 1983-
Šarac, Tatjana

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The doctoral dissertation includes the results of research into the influence of technological production parameters on the deformation properties of textured multifilament polyester yarns. Special attention is focused on the properties of textured multifilament yarns at low loads. A method for analyzing the deformation characteristics of textured yarns produced from POY PES multifilaments was developed and presented. The mechanical properties of a large number of textured multifilament polyester yarns produced in industrial conditions, at different technological parameters, on a machine with short high-temperature heaters were analyzed. The results of the analysis of the mechanical properties of textured yarns were used to develop a method for predicting the key parameters of the deformation of textured yarns during stretching, which will contribute to the prediction of yarn characteristics in the processes of processing into more complex textile structures. The research results will also contribute to the optimization of the technological process of the production of textured multifilament polyester yarns.

Description (srp)

Bibliografija: listovi 125-132. Datum odbrane: 23.12.2023. Textile technology

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