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Dela Branislava Nušića u transmedijalnom kontekstu


Krtolica, Mirjana,


Maksimović, Goran, 1963-
Jovanović, Jelena
Pejčić, Aleksandar

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Regardless of the fact that Branislav Nušić is one of the writers whoseworks are still performed as plays in theaters and despite the fact that a largenumber of his works has been adapted as film, television drama and series,there is no paper that presents an analysis of his screen adaptations. Thesubject of our research was the analysis of Nušić’s literary work from theperspective of transmedial narratology. Thanks to the transmedial method,we were able to provide a new approach to Nušić’s writings. Thus, wepresented his work as well as the literature from the end of the 19th and thebeginning of the 20th century from the perspective of new, contemporarytheories of the literary interpretation. Nušić’s works were transformed into alarge number of operas, comic books, theater plays, films, television films,dramas and series by the snowball effect. The analysis has confirmed thatthe literary work and its adaptation are two separate works made by twodifferent creators. Interesting directorial solutions for adapting works aresystematically presented. Some directors followed the chronology of theevents and some have deviated from that. Guided by Doležel’s typology, wehave recognized all three types of conecting one fictional world to another.The works were placed in new spatial and time contexts and the directorshave filled in the blanks of the original world. Different directorialintentions have sometimes made a change of genre. However, wishes andstrivings of Nušić’s characters are intact and there are the reasons formodernity of Nušić’s works.

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Bibliografija: str. 316-328Biografija autora: str. 329 Datum odbrane: 14.7.2023. Serbian literature of the 19th and 20th century

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