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Virtuelno kolaborativno okruženje za učenje na daljnu zasnovano na gejmifikaciji i blokčejn tehnologijama


Jovanović, Aleksandar, 1990-


Milosavljević, Aleksandar, 1977-
Rančić, Dejan
Stanimirović, Aleksandar
Dimitrijević, Aleksandar
Gajić. Dušan, Gajić. Dušan

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Virtual collaborative environments (VCE) are virtual worlds that provide a virtual space for social encounters, such as the organization of conferences or seminars, multiplayer video games, employee training, etc. If they are applied in a learning context, then we call them virtual learning environments (VLE).The subject of the research is the application of a Virtual Collaborative Environment as a tool to support learning. The aim of this dissertation is to design and develop VCE to support distance learning using gamification and blockchain technologies. Gamification provides in-game learning using interactive 3D content, while blockchain is used for system transparency and user motivation.By using the proposed scientific methods and software requirements, it was determined which possibilities the proposed solution brings in relation to similar solutions, as well as which aspects it improves during distance learning. The system was verified using an implemented prototype of the virtual collaborative environment, through testing with users.

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Bibliografija: listovi 166-192 Datum odbrane: 30.8.2023. Computer Science

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