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Platforma za intrakciju sa društvenim mrežama i Internetom stvari u pametnim gradovima


Ugljanin, Emir 1984-


Stojanović, Dragan H., 1969
Stoimenov, Leonid
Stojanović, Dragan
Predić, Bratislav
Marovac, Ulfeta
Gostojić, Stevan

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With aim to allow better communication with its citizens, Smart Cityshould use social networks more effectively by initiating social actionsand by analyzing collected citizens’ reactions. IoT is also used as a datasource upon which a Smart City would make decisions about its futureactions in physical environment and on social networks, and also, IoTdevices could be adapted and reconfigured as a part of business processreengineering according to data gathered from social media. Thisbidirectional communication with both data sources will be performedvia independent services (connectors), and their management in thecontext of smart city to ensure fast reaction in unplanned situations willbe done via reconfigurable microservices. These microservices will beformally defined and described in shareable and extendable formatbased on which they could be instantiated and reconfigured. Thisrepresents the foundation of the B2S4B platform that providesintegration of business processes, social networks and Internet ofThings, that will be evaluated in a Smart City case study.

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Biografija autora: list 169; Bibliografija: listovi 138-150. Datum odbrane: 05. 09. 2023. Business Information Systems in Smart Cities

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