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Modeliranje efikasnosti minijaturnih termoelektričnih modula


Marjanović, Miloš, 1989-


Prijić, Aneta P., 1969-
Prijić, Zoran
Paunović, Vesna
Danković, Danijel
Vasiljević Radović, Dana

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The research includes the development of a transientthermo-electric SPICE compatible model of theWireless Sensor Network (WSN) node withaluminum core printed circuit boards.The model enables the characterization of commercialminiature thermoelectric modules (TEMs) withinthe node in terms of efficiency,cold boot time, dimensions and compactness of thesystem, as well as the minimum and maximumtemperatures of application. The criteria for selectingthe geometry and material of the heatsinks optimalto use with different TEMs as parts of thermoelectricsystems are set. The design and optimization ofvoltage booster circuits for use in energy harvestingsystems are presented. The analysis is based onsimulations using LTspice software, numericalmultiphysics simulations, and experimentalmeasurements.

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Bibliografija: listovi 107-116,Biobibliografija: listovi 117-125. Datum odbrane: 06.07.2023. Microelectronics and Microsystems

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