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Algoritmi za triangulaciju poligona i njihova implementacija u veb okruženju


Mašović, Sead H., 1981-


Stanimirović, Predrag, 1959-
Milošević, Danijela
Saračević, Muzafer
Krtolica, Predrag
Petrović, Miloš

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The doctoral dissertation presents new algorithms for solving theproblem of convex polygon triangulation in order to improve the speedof triangulation generation. The improvements, which the dissertationpresents, refer to the construction and storage of convex polygontriangulations, which are generated in a web environment usingdatabases. The idea is that once processed results are used by readingthem from the database, in order to reduce the processing time to theminimum possible. Starting from the definition of the problem, thesubject of the dissertation research is the application of webtechnologies (PHP/MySQL) in the function of increasing efficiencywhen generating triangulations. The dissertation also presents a newapproach to solving the problem of optimal triangulation. The topic ismultidisciplinary because it touches the fields of computer graphics,geometry, internet technology, web programming and the applicationof three-layer architecture.

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Biografija autora sa bibliografijom: list. 85-88, Bibliografija: list. 81-84 Datum odbrane: 15.03.2023. Computer graphics, Computer geometry, Web programmingand Databases

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