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Self diferencijacija osoba sa kompleksnom traumom i samoprocena roditeljskog stila


Mišić, Maja, 1972-


Todorović, Jelisaveta, 1960-
Mitrović, Milica
Džamonja Ignjatović, Tamara
Janković, Ivana
Pedović, Ivana

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Study objective was to investigate the relationship between complex posttrau-matic stress disorder (CPTSD) and rejecting parenting style in women who sur-vived complex psychological trauma. We examined what role does the differen-tiation of self play in the development of CPTSD and maternal parenting. In relying on the results of the multiple research, we also examined the role of the perceived social support and resilience in the relation between CPTSD and pa-renting style. We then explored what was the relationship between parent’s tra-uma, their parenting style and the participiant’s parenting style. The study sample was appropriate and included 120 women, aged 19-64 (M = 49.5, SD = 0.85). The sample was divided in two groups: one group represented mothers with a complex history of trauma and CPTSD diagnosis, while the other group was a control group, consisting of mothers who did not have CPTSD diagnosis. The results showed that the exposure to complex trauma significantly contribu-tes to the negative dimensions of parenting style. The study found that exposure to complex trauma adversely affects woman's parenting. CPTSD showed corre-lations with all five dimensions of negative parenting style. Differentiation of self was connected to CPTSD and parenting style, while parenting style of par-ticipant’s parents, particularly mother’s, was predicting her own parenting style.

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Prilozi: listovi 199-238,Bibliografija: listovi 152-198. Datum odbrane: 29.09.2022. Psychology

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